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80W Outdoor LED Rotating Logo Gobo Projector – Waterproof IP67




Up To 65ft (In The Dark)


$429.25 (-15%)


80 Watts

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    1 free Full Color Gobo
    1 free, 1 Color Gobo.
    Extra Full Color Gobo (75$ for each)
    Extra 1 color Gobo (50$ for each)

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Outdoor gobo projectors rotating logo
Outdoor gobo projectors with rotating logo mode

Illuminate Your Logo In LED Lights With Gobo Projectors


Infinity Projector’s outdoor 50 watt rotating logo projectors employ 4k HD imaging and LED technology to project your brand onto nearly any wall, ceiling floor, or surface. This outdoor rotating logo projector offers a form of advertising that appeals to various senses. Both indoor and outdoor locations can use the projector of your choosing, whether it be silver or black. Outdoor virtual sign and logo projectors come with a cooling fan that keeps them cool in warm situations for more than 50,000 hours of operation. The advertising lamp projectors are waterproof, compact and energy efficient.  It is simple to set up! Set the projection’s position after mounting the projector. With every purchase, you receive 2 Free Gobos, allowing you to swap and rotate the projected artwork. You can choose the appropriate wattage to fit your needs. The distance of the projection and the amount of light present will determine the projector wattage needed.


The rotating logo projector is a creative method of advertising that offers excellent value for your advertising and marketing budget. The combination of the rotating option for your advertising message and the LED HD illumination of the logo draws interest right away when the led projection is viewed. With this up-and-coming style of advertising, the options are virtually limitless. The only constraint is your imagination.



rotating logo projector


What Is A Gobo And How Does It Work?

Your logo, sign or advertising message will be etched into a small circular glass GOBO slide. The gobo is inserted into the rotating advertising projection lamp and when running, the LED lights shoots the advertising image towards just about any floor, wall or ceiling that you can imagine. You can easily change the gobo slide to replace the messages. The gobo is black to start off with and allows you to also include a transparent background by keeping the artwork black in the areas that should be clear.


About This LED Logo Projector

Outdoor advertising logo projector
Outdoor gobo projector with rotating led logo

Outdoor LED Logo Projector

Includes 2 Free Gobos 

  • WATTAGE : 80 Watt
  • Estimated Range : Up to 65ft (in the dark)
  • Outdoor & Indoor Rotating Logo Projector
  • Waterproof
  • Free Remote Control
  • AVAILABLE COLORS : Black & Silver
  • 50,000 Hours Of Use
  • Free Graphic Design
  • Free Shipping
  • 2-3 week turnaround 


2 Free Gobos With Every Gobo Projector Purchase

Our custom gobo projectors allow you to switch the  custom glass Gobo slides and change your logo, sign or advertising message. Whether you are a banquette hall that offers custom wedding gobo projections as a service, or a restaurant that wants to showcase a different message on a different night, you will enjoy a 2nd FREE custom Gobo when you order one of our gobo projectors. Get one free custom full color gobo and one 1 color gobo. You can upgrade the 1 color to full color for an additional $25. You can create your own custom gobo or you can choose from one of our stock gobo designs. We will even design the Gobos for free for you if you need help.


free custom gobos
custom gobo printing

Custom Full Color Or 1 Color Gobos

One Color Gobo:

One color gobo allows your logo to be projected in one of the colors available in our new color pallet options, which can be viewed below. Any color that does not fit within this color pallet will require the full color option. You should leave the part of the design that you want to be transparent black in the artwork.


Custom 1 color gobo color palette
Custom 1 color Gobo printing

Full Color Gobos:

Our custom glass gobos can be printed in full color. You can reproduce any full color picture, logo, illustration or gradient  in CMYK color for vivid 4K HD imaging For optimal quality, files should be created and saved in a vector format. Art should be submitted in PDF or PNG format and saved in CMYK color mode, with a resolution of 300DPI.

Flexible Promotional Tool

Infinity LED projectors provide you with the flexibility to easily move their location and positioning. All outdoor projectors are waterproof, so they can easily be placed inside or equally in an outdoor setting. The removable GOBO allows you to easily change your logo or message. This is ideal for banquet halls, trade shows, DJs or any other business that benefit from a creative way to showcase their logo or message through state of the art LED lenses that project their message onto a wall, sidewalk or even the side of a building.


Free Gobo Graphic Design
Free Gobo graphic design

Free Graphic Design

Do you need help bringing your concept to life? We will design your Gobos for free. Simply place your order and provide us with your logo, names, and a description of what you want, and we will take care of the rest.


Free Shipping

All projector prices include free shipping to the United States and most other countries.


Pick an Infinity Projector that is just right for your needs.

The distance that your projection will need to project as well as the the lighting in the projection location will determine the wattage that your projector will require. The lighter the area where the logo is projected, the more wattage that will be needed.  We offer both indoor or outdoor projectors that are available with various wattage options. 


Projection Distance Rotating logo projector
Gobo logo projection projector distance chart
advertising logo projector lamps
illuminate your logo in lights with gobo advertising projectors





The Technical Lingo

Light Source


Light Color

Cold White

Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w)


Luminaire Flux (Lm)


Color Rendering Index(Ra)


Input VoltageL AC

110V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz

50,000 Hours of Use


Product Size

9.4" x 5.1" x 7.8" x 3.3"

Carton Size

18.1" x 14.1" x 23.8"



Single Package

13.6" x 8 4" x 7.48"

Gross Weight


Net Weight



GOBO Projector

Power Cord

Remote Control


  • WATTAGE : 80W
  • Estimated Range : Up To 65ft (in the dark) 
  • # OF FREE GOBOS : 2
  • AVAILABLE COLORS : Black & Silver


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