Choose the Right Projector Lens


Selecting the Perfect Lens for Your Gobo Projector

Welcome to Infinity Projectors, where we guide you through selecting the ideal lens for your projector needs, ensuring the perfect projection size for your setting.

Understanding Projector Lenses

Our Gobo series projectors come with a variety of lens options, each affecting the size of your projection



Many of our Gobo series projectors come standard with a 1:0.36 lens.

This ratio means for every foot the projector is from the surface, the image width will be 0.36 times that distance.

For example, with a projector 10 feet away, the image width will be 3.6 feet (10 feet × 0.36).



1:1 LENS This lens offers a direct ratio, meaning the projection width will be the same as the distance from the surface. At 10 feet away, the image will be 10 feet wide.


1:0.5 LENS This lens significantly enlarges the projection. At a 10 feet distance, the projection size will be 5 feet (10 feet  × 0.5)


Capture intricate details, gradients, and the full spectrum of CMYK colors to make your visuals pop with unparalleled clarity and vibrancy.

Lens Upcharge

Opting for a non-default lens, such as the 1:1 or the 1:0.5 lens, incurs a $100 and $75 respectively. These options allow for greater flexibility in image size and space utilization.

Calculating Your Projection Size

We encourage you to calculate the projected image size based on the distance between your projector and the surface.

Use the lens ratio to determine the width of your projection, ensuring it fits perfectly in your designated space.

Why Lens Selection Matters

The right lens can dramatically enhance the impact of your projection, whether for events, advertising, or personal use.

Consider the size of your space and the desired projection scale when selecting your lens.

Selecting the right lens is crucial for achieving the desired projection effect. At Infinity Projectors, we offer a variety of lenses to cater to diverse projection needs. By understanding lens ratios and considering your space, you can create stunning visual displays that captivate and impress. Click here for more information about selecting the right wattage for your projector. Choose the perfect lens for your Infinity Projector and transform any environment into a visual masterpiece!