Choosing the Right Wattage for your
GOBO Projector

At Infinity Projectors, we invite you to "Join the GOBO revolution!". But to truly be a part of this movement, selecting the correct wattage for your GOBO projector is crucial. It is important to select the right wattage to ensure that your custom ad message is crisp and clear regardless of the environment you're projecting in.


The distance from the projector to the projection

1) The distance from the projector to the projection

The distance between where the GOBO projector is mounted and where the projection is projected is the first factor in determining how much wattage will be needed. For shorter distances, a lower wattage can often be used, but as the distance increases, so does the need for a higher-wattage.

2) The Lighting in the Projected Area

The lighting in the space where the projection will be projected plays a significant role in the visibility of your projection. A higher-wattage projector is necessary in brightly lit environments to overcome the ambient light and produce vivid images so the lighting in your space should play a significant role in choosing the correct wattage GOBO projector. In addition to the distance, the lighting in the space is one of the most critical considerations when determining which wattage is best for your needs as a low wattage in a bright space will make your projection difficult or impossible to see. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that in a setting with full sun in broad daylight, your projection will most likely not be visible. Don't skimp on wattage, especially if your projector's location is subject to change. The last thing that you want is to receive the projector and have it not be powerful enough and is too weak to make an impact. It's always better to opt for a higher-wattage projector than to sacrifice quality or erase the flexibility of moving the projector to a different location. Our outdoor projectors can also be used indoors if a higher wattage is needed than the indoor projectors provide.

Understanding Distance in GOBO Projection

When it comes to distance, the wattage and your mounting distance of your GOBO projector determines how far your image will travel, as well as the quality and size of that image. This isn't just about the straight-line distance but also the angle and position of your projection. For instance:

Direct Projection

A direct projection is a projection where the projector is positioned directly across from the wall or other surface that the image will be projected onto. This distance is often shorter than a diagonal projection and in some cases, may not require as high of a wattage as a diagonal projection.

Diagonal Projection

Diagonal projection is a projection from the top of a wall to the floor, or to the center of an opposite wall, requires that you consider the distance the light will actually be traveling as opposed to how far away the projector is. This kind of setup may require a higher wattage than a direct projection due to the greater projection distance and angle.

A rule of thumb Measure the exact distance your image needs to travel, and when in doubt, go slightly higher to be safe. With Infinity Projectors, powering up means never having to compromise on quality - it's all part of our  "GOBO revolution!"

Understanding the Importance of Light Settings

Lighting can make or break the impact of your GOBO projection. The wattage of your projector must be adequate to cut through the existing light and produce a high-quality projection that will make an impact every time the projector is used. Dark environments and shorter projection distances require a lower wattage than normal or bright settings. Here's how different lighting scenarios might affect your choice:

Remember, outside projectors are typically not designed for use in bright daylight. As part of the "GOBO revolution," we recommend selecting a projector that exceeds your expected lighting conditions to ensure your projections always pop.

Join the GOBO Revolution with Confidence

Selecting the right wattage for your GOBO projector is more than a technical choice; it's about making a statement. With Infinity Projectors, your vision will be projected with clarity when the correct wattage for your space is selected, no matter where you are. We empower you to illuminate your message, ensuring that when you "Join the GOBO revolution!", you're doing so with the utmost confidence.