Join The Gobo Revolution! OutdooR GOBO Projectors

Join the Gobo Revolution with Infinity Projectors’ outdoor Gobo projectors! Illuminate the night with your attention grabbing logo or message, rotating in LED lights. As we predicted, Gobo projectors are continuing to gain popularity in more retail and every day business settings . They are perfect for restaurants, bars, weddings, banquet halls, hotels or even for apartment buildings. Our projectors shine a 4k LED light on your logo, message or ad, creating memorable promotion and photo opportunity. Project your message in static or rotating mode. Select the wattage you need based on the distance of the projection and the lighting conditions where you will be projecting. Available in 15W to 100W, as well as a full range of high wattage outdoor projectors Receive 2 FREE custom GOBOs, with every projector purchase and Free Shipping within the United States and most parts of the world.

Outdoor Rotating GOBO Logo Projectors
For Businesses

Outdoor LED GOBO Projectors For Restaurants, Clubs & Bars

Get ALL the attention with Infinity Projectors' Outdoor Gobo Projectors.

Illuminate your logo or message with Infinity Projectors’s custom Outdoor Gobo Projectors. Whether it’s casting your message in 4K HD on the wall or floor outside your establishment or showcasing ‘Tonight’s Special’ outside your food truck’s , our outdoor Projectors shine through. Engineered to endure both chilling winters and scorching summers, these projectors are crafted for resilience. Enjoy the value of 50,000 hours of projection time, that will keep your message displayed and noticed. And with every purchase, includes a free remote control, empowering you to easily adjust your settings.

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