Premium High Wattage GOBO Projectors

Step into the future with our premium high wattage outdoor gobo projectors, which provide a unique lighting which will be noticed by anyone seeing it.  As a part of our commitment to the Gobo Revolution, we present our range of high wattage outdoor projectors  that illuminate your message in an outdoor or indoor settings. Gobo lighting technology allow you to insert and replace your logo or graphic with a new one. The logo can be set to rotate or to be still. Our high wattage machines are available in 150w, 200w and 300w. They are perfect for projecting your advertising message on the side of buildings, school rallies, festivals, concerts, sports events and trade shows. They are also perfect for displaying your holiday spirit for Christmas, Halloween or New Years Eve. Each projector includes 2 FREE custom Gobos. Receive one full color Gobo and one 1 color Gobo. The projector is waterproof and can endure hot or cold temperatures. A free remote control allow you to easy control the rotating and stationary settings for a look that is ideal for you.  We will be happy to design your custom GOBO for you if you need help. Our price also includes free shipping.

Premium High Wattage GOBO Logo Projectors For Buildings

Premium quality, high wattage custom logo projectors. Our outdoor LED light GOBO projectors are perfect for projecting logos on the side of buildings, sporting events and in retail settings.

Premium Quality High Wattage GOBO Projectors

Our outdoor logo projectors illuminate your logo in lights while providing a custom

High Wattage Projectors Are Perfect Alternatives To Billboards & Safety Signs

Stand out from the crowd and let your imagination be the limit with our high wattage custom logo projectors.


Customized Gobo Projectors have been popular for years in weddings, they are now starting to be used in innovative ways all over the world. The imagination and creativity is the limit. Why stick to traditional advertising mediums, where for a fraction of the cost, you can display your logo or advertising message in 4k LED lights? The projectors be used as innovative billboards when you project your message in exterior settings.

Our outdoor projectors will keep your logos rotating like an infinity symbol spiraling into the night.