Custom gobo printing

GOBO: Everything You Need to Know

A GOBO is a  circular piece of glass (or metal) that allows you to project an image using the help of light. The acronym of the word Gobo is derived from Go Before Optics, which itself describes its physical position of the slide in the LED light projector. It is used as a guide or cap that sit in front of the light source. When light shines through it, it causes the light projection to create the custom shape shape. The custom shape of the GOBO can be a logo, pattern, illustration or a photograph. The resulting image can be created by the shadow or light portions of the design. If you want the GOBO projection to be show your desired image with a transparent background, the art should be set to black in the areas that should be transparent. This will block the light from being projected in that area, which will leave you with a transparent monogram image that can be rotated or be kept in still mode. 


When is Gobo used?

Gobos are commonly used in the world of stage lighting and are a popular tool that creates excitement in weddings and banquet halls. It is also excellent addition to concerts and other special event in a theater.Gobos have been used for years for weddings and sweet 16 parties,  they are now gaining popular as a new cutting edge form of LED advertising that can illuminate your logo or message for over 50,000 hours. . Additionally, Gobo is also used in still photography as it projects both light and shadow in a particular way that photographers use for a model or artistic photoshoot. In the end, custom GOBO printing allows anyone to design a unique advertising projection message that is unique and stands out from competitions. Gobo is used in corporate events to create light projections with the brand's name, company's logo, or name of featured speakers.

In short, Gobo can be used anytime, but its use is purely decorative or works as a special type of special effect. At Infinity Projectors, we offer a full line of indoor and outdoor LED Gobo logo projectors that can be used for various purposes. Besides, you can change the illuminating artwork based on the season or daily basis.